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Book Analysis

A book analysis tells a story you did not know. Some business owners either choose to do their own bookkeeping or outsource bookkeeping. This analysis will tell you if you or your bookkeeper are keeping up with your books properly. We will share with you a report explaining transactions that are out of place, needs to be fixed, and recommendations to move forward in a positive direction. It is recommended to have a book analysis once a year (mid-year). This will give you time to gather any missing documents and make corrections to be better prepared to file taxes. 

An extra add-on to this analysis will include tips to get you the most deductions, and how to be prepared for a tax audit for your industry. While it will not prevent an audit, it will put you in a better position. 


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Book Analysis

  • Full Book Analysis

  • Provide explanations of transactions out of place

  • Provide areas that need to be fixed

  • Recommendations to move forward in a positive direction

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