GOD Counts Accounting


Services & Prices

Packages can be customized for your business needs. Starting at $499. Contact us for more information.

Payroll Services

Payroll services can be added to any package for a fee depending on the number of employees, and pay frequency. 

Tax Forms

All tax and sales tax forms and quarterly payments can be added to any package for a fee. 

Bill Pay

Personal and business bill pay can be added to any package for a fee. 

Clean up

A clean-up project starts at $2,100 each year. This varies on the type of industry and type of clean-up. Please inquire for an estimate. This will include a book analysis before and after clean-up. 

Invoice/Accounts Receivable 

$75.99+ A month 

If you are a business owner that enjoys doing your own bookkeeping leave the invoicing to us. No more taking pictures of an invoice, sending it to emails, sending invoices in the mail, or waiting for checks in the mail. We will help you get paid faster and save time. 

Call us at (352) 509- 5237 or email us for an estimate.

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